Moechella festival in Washington DC scatters as shooting takes place

Authorities then broke up the event over safety concerns, Contee said. EMS and other services were on the scene trying to clear out the area and tending to people injured when their legs and ankles got trampled as people started running. 

“Shortly after that there was another incident that occurred within very close proximity of our first responders,” Contee said.

Several firearms were recovered, one of them from one of the shooting victims, Contee said. “We are working very closely with our partners here in the public safety cluster” and investigating.

“All of this occurred in a span of about two hours,” he said, between 6 and 8 p.m.

“The officers did not fire,” Contee said, noting that about 100 officers responded. “We had a lot of officers in the area but none of them fired any shots.”

Boy, 15, is killed and three others - including a cop - are injured by shooting at unauthorized DC Juneteenth music festival Moechella: Revelers were seen TWERKING atop truck then fleeing as gunfire rang out


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